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  • School Library Journal: “…a book bound to be remembered in the pantheon of historical child heroes… It is not cloying. It is not cute. It is, however, infinitely readable.”
  • School Library Journal: “…a significant portrayal of Audrey Faye Hendricks and the Children’s March.”
  • Kirkus Reviews“A vivid reminder that it took a community to fight segregation and the community responded.”
  • The New York Times: “Levinson and Newton keep her story bright and snappy, emphasizing the girl’s eagerness to make a difference…”
  • Horn Book: “The well-paced text captures a child’s voice and presents time and place realistically.
  • Children’s Book Council: “…remarkable and inspiring story…”

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  • Publishers Weekly: “Newton’s bright, digitally assembled collages adeptly highlight the danger of the situation…while emphasizing the power of the marchers’ collective efforts to push back against injustice.”
  • Mr. Colby Sharp: “Audrey Faye Hendricks’s story was so rich that the bell rang before we had even made it halfway through the book.”
  • The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books: “Audrey’s third-person perspective is well represented and storytold, with short, punchy sentences especially vivid in conveying individual testimony and movement goals.”
  • Parade Magazine: “Talk about it: Ask your child how she can best respond to wrongdoing when she sees it.
  • Librarian’s Quest“Many times it’s like reading poetry with the rhythm her words generate.  She conveys the heart of a young girl beautifully… [S]hould be on every professional and personal shelf.
  • Here Wee Read: “…a beautiful and important non-fiction book that helps children understand they are never too young to make a difference… Perfect for reading with your little readers during Black History Month, Women’s History Month or any time of the year.”
  • Huffington Post: “Cynthia Levinson and illustrator Vanessa Brantley Newton have brought to life the experience of Audrey Faye Hendricks…”
  • Common Sense Media: “Charming, delightfully drawn, and cleverly put together, this book hits home… Cynthia Levinson does a wonderful job of telling the story through a child’s eyes.”
  • Time for Kids and Essence: The story is also about knowing in your heart what is right and facing down your fear…”
  • Washington Post: A “best book for raising activist kids”–“The compelling story about white supremacy and the civil rights era illustrates the courage and personal sacrifice that activism requires…”
  • A Mighty Girl: A “moving picture book that proves you’re never too little to make a difference.”
  • KidsCANteachus: “Hope will always be more powerful than hate.
  • Colours of Us: “…an inspiring picture book that shows that you’re never too little to make a difference.
  • Mrs. ReaderPants“A fantastic way to introduce novels and units about the Civil Rights Movement.” Mrs. ReaderPants also posted a blog.
  • Austin American-Statesman: “Audrey’s story is showcased in “[The Youngest] Marcher,” a picture book for younger readers, highlighted by illustrations from Vanessa Brantley Newton that take readers inside Audrey’s world…”
  • Life, Literature, Laughter: “The Youngest Marcher reminds us that battles are never over and that we all can (and MUST) speak up and take action when we see injustice in our world.”
  • “BEING BOLD and FEARLESS and FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S RIGHT isn’t just for grown-ups. Not even close.”
  • Mom Read It: “…books like The Youngest Marcherwith its powerful words and images, offer representation and affirmation.
  • Mother-daughter Book Club: “…an inspirational story with a message to resonate through the ages.
  • Geo Librarian: “…remarkable and inspiring story...”
  • Youth Services Book Review: “…excellent treatment of the March…”
  • Red Tricycle“Kids will cheer for Audrey, equality and the rights of all children.”
  • I’m Not the Nanny“An inspiring story that will teach our kids that they’re never too young to speak out.”
  • Stuff Parents Need: “great example of how important a child’s voice can be and how children aren’t too young to get involved”
  • Miss Marple’s Musings: “I would encourage every elementary school classroom and participating in Black History Month to acquire this new biography.”
  • Pernille Rip: “This is a story that is meant to inspire us to know we can make a difference andinspire it certainly does.
  • Coastal Courier: “Textured, powerful illustrations…”
  • What is ML Reading?” “a beautiful, important book”

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