Watch Out for Flying Kids: Awards & Reviews

Awards for Watch Out for Flying Kids!

Featured Reviews

  • Kirkus Review: “…a thoroughly enjoyable volume. Enchanting indeed—and inspiring as well.”
  • Booklist: “This inspirational story easily lends itself to classroom use, as it encompasses a broad spectrum of values and subjects.”
  • Anatomy of Nonfiction: “Cynthia Levinson soars to new heights… a tremendous job.“
  • The Pirate Tree: Social Justice and Children’s Literature: “an inspiring story of dedication to the arts and how it can bring about understanding and social change.“
  • Cynsations: “Cynthia’s eye for detail, her ability to stay close to her characters, and her tenacity as a researcher makes her writing vivid, suspenseful and utterly compelling.”

Responses from Readers

Oona said, “Your book opened more than a few doors to worlds I’d never imagine.”


Of course, the Flying Kids liked the book, too!

More Reviews!

  • Kid Lit Frenzy: “This almost prompted me to ask the teachers I know that if they read no other children’s nonfiction this year that they read and share this one with their students.
  • The Washington Post: one of the “best kids’ books for September.”
  • San Francisco Book Review: “Cynthia Levinson has written a marvelous new book…It will appeal to children as young as 9 and to people as old as 109 and deserves a broad readership.”
  • Booksource Banter: “…truly expands my worldamazing story.”
  • Friends Journal“I recommend this book to individuals and meetings. I learned a great deal, enjoyed reading every word, and quickly came to care about the young people.”
  • 6th Grade Reading: “…beautifully done, fascinating book… a wonderful addition to every middle school, high school and public library.”
  • The Write Stuff: “Her new book is really a stunner…five-star review.”
  • Cato Institute“a bunch of kids…do a better job of bringing a hope for peace to the Middle East than a generation of politicians…”
  • Mrs. Knott’s Book Nook“This book begs to be read cover to cover.  It’s a fascinating story.”
  • Sonder Books: “This is a wonderful, inspiring and informative book…”
  • Mackin Books in Bloom: “Young readers can live the life of teen circus acrobats while reading this inspirational book!
  • Children’s Literature“Readers may want to run away and join the circus!”
  • Middle Shelf“Loved the book.”
  • International Literacy Association: “…bring[s] the story to her readers.
  • First Thursday Book Reviews: “…great job of bringing out how hard the kids worked at perfecting their athletic abilities and developing a professional attitude.
  • The Jewish Outlook (pages 12 and 78): “Cynthia Levinson is the kind of woman who throws herself into her work. Literally.
  • Splashesintobooks: “truly inspirational, and not just for children…”
  • Mainichi Newspapers (Tokyo): “…diversity is power, and that’s most appealing.”

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