Fault Lines: Awards & Reviews


Starred Reviews

  • Kirkus Reviews (starred): “A fascinating, thoughtful, and provocative look at what in the Constitution keeps the United States from being ‘a more perfect union.’”
  • School Library Journal (starred): “Essential for class discussions, debate teams, and reports.”
  • Booklist (starred): “Lately there’s been dismay that civics, government, and history have taken a backseat in classrooms. This smartly conceived book goes a long way toward reintroducing students to those subjects….the Levinsons link both history and current events as they offer an illustrative group of examples that show where the Constitution got it right—and wrong…. Although the font, charts, and well-written text make this appealing, it’s not always an easy read. It is, however, an important one.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly (starred): “…cogent and highly readable…thought-provoking and exceptionally topical…”

More Reviews

  • School Library Connection: “While written for students, the book is a worthwhile read for adults as well.”
  • Pam Day, Baker & Taylor: “It’s remarkable how these highly gifted and educated authors are able to take such complex material and present it for young readers in a way that is wholly accessible and engaging.”

  • School Library Journal: “As it should, something in every chapter is bound to jar readers, and, hopefully, encourage them to speak up about what matters to them and/or spur them to take action.”
  • The Washington Post: “It’s possible that this bracing book will prod young readers to get involved in amendment-making, in order to form a more perfect Constitution.”
  • Foreign Policy Journal: “Should be taught in every school.”
  • Richie’s Picks: “a fascinating read and a great introduction to American constitutional history.”
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: “a fitting edition for homes where discussion, engagement and open discourse define the family culture.”