Fault Lines: Awards & Reviews

Awards and Lists

Starred Reviews

  • Kirkus Reviews (starred): “A fascinating, thoughtful, and provocative look at what in the Constitution keeps the United States from being ‘a more perfect union.’”
  • School Library Journal (starred): “Essential for class discussions, debate teams, and reports.”
  • Booklist (starred): “…smartly conceived…,” providing “natural connections across the curriculum and to the Common Core State Standards”
  • Publisher’s Weekly (starred): “…cogent and highly readable…thought-provoking and exceptionally topical…”

More Reviews

  • The Booklist Reader: “Throw out the high school textbooks and put this outstanding book in the hands of the next generation!”
  • School Library Connection: “While written for students, the book is a worthwhile read for adults as well.”
  • Pam Day, Baker & Taylor: “It’s remarkable how these highly gifted and educated authors are able to take such complex material and present it for young readers in a way that is wholly accessible and engaging.”

  • School Library Journal: “As it should, something in every chapter is bound to jar readers, and, hopefully, encourage them to speak up about what matters to them and/or spur them to take action.”
  • School Library Journal: “An exciting addition to middle school social studies and humanities curriculum…sure to ignite important conversations…”
  • The Washington Post: “It’s possible that this bracing book will prod young readers to get involved in amendment-making, in order to form a more perfect Constitution.”
  • Foreign Policy Journal: “Should be taught in every school.”
  • Richie’s Picks: “a fascinating read and a great introduction to American constitutional history.”
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: “a fitting edition for homes where discussion, engagement and open discourse define the family culture.”